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Celebrating Life: how oral history can help preserve our stories

Celebrating Life: how oral history can help preserve our stories

Written by Stannah on 14th August 2019

From life stories worth recording to endangered languages in need of preservation, oral history shows us a way to preserve our unique voices and life stories. Ever met someone whose life story you thought should be shared with the world? How would you go about doing that? As a method of collecting life stories through […]

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8th of March

WOMEN’S DAY: Inspirational New Zealand women of all ages

Written by Stannah on 26th February 2019

From pioneering science and life-saving discoveries to literary mastery and actions for peace and human rights, the role of women around the world has been of crucial importance. While International Women’s Day is a time to honour all women, it is noteworthy that many inspirational women come with wrinkles and grey hair. These signs of […]

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retiring off the grid

Retiring off the grid: An alternative retirement plan

Written by Stannah on 30th January 2019

Could living in a senior retirement community give you the financial freedom you need for a happy retirement? Retiring off the grid (not literally – you can still have electricity and running water and feel like you’re living in the wilderness!). It may or may not be something you’ve heard of. It might even be […]

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History of Personal Mobility Devices

The History of Personal Mobility Devices

Written by Stannah on 17th September 2018

There is still a long way to go for truly universal access. Personal mobility devices have been used for centuries by people experiencing reduced mobility. Their benefit to society is invaluable and of utmost importance! However, the path towards the development of personal mobility devices has not been an easy one and there’s still a […]

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house of the future, a home designed for life

House of the future; a home designed for life

Written by Stannah on 13th September 2018

When we think about a House of the Future, gleaming Jetsons style homes with a strong sixties allure comes to mind. However thrilling the idea of living in a high-tech apartment in space might seem, it is not what we mean by a “house of the future”. We can have a little bit of hi-tech […]

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